When 7 Dogs, Became 7 Reindeers- Day 7

When we explained to Mrs Peach why we wanted to dress all of our dogs as Reindeers she was really generous and donated the outfits for free.

“After all, it is for charity- And they do look precious!!!” she said chuckling to herself.

“Do you know?” she said thoughtfully. “The real St Nic….. well Santa as he’s known now, once came in the shop. He was visiting a friend on History Avenue and popped in for some Wine Gums and woolly mittens. Lovely chap!!” Bell and I looked at each other, rolling our eyes. Everyone knew Santa didn’t exist. It was probably just a man with a beard, cold hands and a craving for sugar.

“Anyway, thanks Mrs Peach.” I said rounding up the dogs. “Hopefully we’ll see you at the parade?”

“Ooh yes,” she said. “I’ll be there with bells on!!!” Usually you’d think that was just something people say…. But with Mrs Peach, I reckon she’ll be there with actual bells on!!!

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