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When 7 Dogs, Became 7 Reindeers- Day 4

Walking 7 dogs on leads is never an easy job. Even when there are two of you. In their excitement, they tend to get themselves tangled up, and we end up looking like we are doing ribbon gymnastics.

I once tried getting a special belt that I could hook the leads on to, but when Cyril No, saw a squirrel and decided to chase it up a tree, we all ended up hanging from various branches. It looked like a Christmas tree of dogs and I was the fairy!!!

So, even though the walk to Aunty Cath’s wasn’t that long, it was still quite traumatic. My two pugs, Buddy and Barney, always start with enthusiasm, but soon get bored and start sniffing weeds at the side of the road to slow things down.

Mabel, my border collie, would always much rather be running up and down a field playing fetch. Walking on the street is really boring for her, she usually tries to find bits of rubbish to throw at you to try and start a game. Once she found a half-finished can of pop and ended up throwing it all over me!!!

My bulldog Carol thinks she’s a ballerina and twizzles her way down the road, getting herself well and truly tangled up. And then there are my two puppies; the Bumblebums. They are really mischievous and spend the whole time looking for trouble to cause.

It perhaps wasn’t a good start, therefore, that by the time we arrived at Aunty Cath’s the Bumblebums broke one of Aunty Cath’s many decorative teapots.

“It’s okay,” she said sweetly, “I have 4000 more!!!”

Yep, she has a lot of teapots, but despite that, something was strange…. What on earth did Aunty Cath want?

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