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When 7 Dogs, Became 7 Reindeers- Day 3

My mother Pamela and my sister Bell are both super nosy. They try to make out that they just have a healthy curiosity in things, but I still think they are just nosey. It was hardly any surprise therefore that this curious request from my Aunty Cath put their nosiness into overdrive.

As I tried to round up the dogs, ready to take to Aunty Cath’s house. Mum and Bell, sat making crazy lists about what it could all be about.

Their top five favourites being;

1) She’s trying to pretend she’s an animal lover to the neighbours.

2) She’s lost a bet with Uncle Tom and this is her forfeit.

3) Her heating has broken and she needs snuggles to keep her warm.

4) Her freezer has broken and she needs the dogs to eat the food because she hasn’t got room in her bin.

5) She’s bought a really expensive antique and wants the dogs to guard it whilst she goes to the shops.

Who knows? I guess we’ll find out when we get there.

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