When 7 Dogs Became 7 Reindeers- Day 24

As you might have gathered, Aunty Cath was quite a ridiculous woman.

“Who says Santa has to have a beard anyway?” She said straightening Uncle Toms Santa suit and polishing his head.

“No one will care,” she continued. “I doubt they’ll even notice.”

Bell and I, stood in our elf outfits, open-mouthed at this ridiculous statement…how would no-one notice? Uncle Toms's head was so shiny, we had to wear sunglasses.

“Just get out there, and enjoy yourself!” And with that, she pushed us out the door and onto the pretend sleigh, that had been made by a woman named Kelly who usually made knitted fruit for Bernice to sell in her shop.

As the dogs began pulling us, a cloud of fear could be felt enveloping us.

Despite the sound of Christmas Carols being played over some massive speakers, I could still hear Uncle Tom's knees knocking… or so I thought.

As the parade got into full swing, the cloud melted away. The crowds cheered and clapped and Bell and I felt like celebrities.

I couldn’t look around to see if Uncle Tom was enjoying it too, because I was too focused on making sure the dogs did what they were meant to.

All was going really well until we turned the corner near Nottingham Castle only to be blinded by a shining light. The dogs did really well and carried on, closing their eyes and relying on their sense of smell to keep on track…. It was quite honestly my proudest moment.

But then the weirdest thing happened. As we got closer to the light, we could see Aunty Cath… and guess who Aunty Cath was stood next to????.....UNCLE TOM!!!! The shining light was Uncle Tom's head!!!

So, if Uncle Tom was in the crowd, who on earth was dressed as Santa behind us???

….surely…… NAH!!!!!

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