When 7 Dogs, Became 7 Reindeers- Day 2

For those of you who don’t know. I have 2 cats, 7 dogs, and a gorilla in my back garden…. My Grandma owns an accidental Giraffe with her friends…. and recently I acquired a pet mouse called Red Whisker, so-called because…. Well, he has a red whisker!- YEP- we love animals at our house!

Usually, my Aunty Cath is not a fan of all our animals. She thinks that they are stinky vile creatures, and likes to tell us stories about how she read about a woman who got eaten to death by her pets. -YEP- Aunty Cath really is a mood hoover!!!

So the fact that she’d specifically requested us to come over with our dogs, was really curious.

She hadn’t gone completely barmy though, because she ended the phone call by saying… “just the dog's mind. None of those rotten cats or that ridiculous giraffe!!!

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