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When 7 Dogs, Became 7 Reindeers.

As well as being a ‘fun sucker,’ Aunty Cath is the sort of person who; as my Grandma would put it…” liked the sound of her own voice!!!”

“She says 10 words when one would do!” My Grandma says…. And she’s right.

Myself and Bell sat there, for nearly four whole hours before she finally told us what she wanted.

And just to be clear, four whole hours, is enough time to realise that she did indeed have 4000 other teapots- I counted each and every single one of them, because it was more interesting than listening to her ramble on, telling gloomy stories about people with rotten toenails, or angry swans taking over the park.

Even the dogs fell asleep, which was a blessing because I wasn’t worried about them doing naughty things.

Thinking we’d never get to the bottom of this mystery and that we should probably call home to tell them we would be staying here for the next few days… Aunty Cath finally asked the question….I wasn’t quite listening to the whole story, but basically, there was apparently a national shortage of Christmas Reindeers, so Aunty Cath wanted us to dress our dogs up and get them to pull Uncle Tom in the Christmas Parade.

Looking at her watch, she remarked “Crikey, I didn’t realise you’d stay this long, otherwise, I’d have offered you some milk and biscuits!!” she always said she ‘would have offered us something’ but she never did.

“She’d skin a nat for tuppence!!! My Gran would say. I didn’t really know what that meant, but I think it meant she was mean.

As well as being mean, Aunty Cath also had a way of getting you to agree to something without agreeing. “So if you get going now, you’ll still get to Mrs Peaches shop in time to go shopping for dog reindeer outfits!!”

And with that, she pushed us all out of the door!!!

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