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When 7 Dogs, Became 7 Reindeer- Day 9

While dad sat laughing his head off, mum started asking lots of practical questions. Questions we should have perhaps asked during those four long hours at Aunty Cath’s.

1. What time did we need to be there?

2. Did the dogs have to arrive fully dressed or was there a make-up and wardrobe department?

3. How would Uncle Tom manage all those dogs on his own?

The last one was a very good question. 7 dogs is a lot to manoeuvre at the best of times… but when you’re dressed head to toe in a massive Santa outfit, peaking out of a big fluffy beard and wig, it would be even harder- Particularly when it came to Cyril No, our naughty beagle.

I could imagine him, taking his opportunity to cause all sorts of shenanigans, and pulling poor old Uncle Tom all over the place.

“There’s just one thing for it,” Mum said in a very commanding voice. “You’ll both have to dress up as something Christmassy and make sure he’s okay!!!”

I was about to argue my case against it when I turned around and saw Cyril No, with his head stuck in my bag.

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