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When 7 Dogs, Became 7 Reindeer- Day 8

All of our dogs, except for Mabel the Border Collie, loathed dressing up. But because Mabel had been found living on the streets by my dad, she had gotten very battered and bruised, resulting in all her fur falling out. In order to keep her warm, we used to dress her up in special doggy clothes, and ever since then, she’d been a bit of a fashionista.

So, while all the other dogs were more than happy to take off their outfits and let us carry them home in bags, Mabel had insisted on staying dressed up.

By the time we got home, she was the first to run in

to mum and dad and let the cat out of the bag… well the reindeer.

“Oh heck!!” Dad said, giggling to himself. “I bet I can guess what Aunty Cath wanted you for!!”

“Yep!!! The dogs are going to dress up as reindeers and dragged Uncle Tom through the Nottingham Christmas parade!!”- Things you never thought you’d say!!!

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