The Day I Curtsied At Emma Thompson

So today my sister set me a writing challenge.

So here it is.....

My Point Of View

It was a beautiful sunny day and as a special treat my mum had taken me and my sister for a special dinner to our favourite restaurant in London.

Richoux's near the famous superstore Harrod's is our absolute favourite because it does delicious Fish and Chips, and then we can go across the road and look around the amazing toy and pet departments.

Once we'd scoffed all the delicious food, me and my sister decided to go to the toilet, so that we would have no distractions whilst shopping.

The toilets in Richoux's are situated down a loooooong spindly staircase. Once inside the toilets, it's a teeny tiny room, with only two cubicles.

Desperate to get going to all the shopping, my sister flung the door wide open and accidentally knocked a woman who was drying her hands in the face.

As the woman turned around startled by our dramatic entrance, we both realised it was the one and only Emma Thompson or Nanny Mcphee as you may know her.

We both knew it was her, but couldn't say to each other without looking like weird fans. Instead, we thought it was less weird to apologise and curtsy.

Unsurprisingly, Ms Thompson was lovely and forgiving. I mean, the woman is a national treasure.

Once inside the cubicles, we were so excited we each flung our feet under the participation as if this was a silent signal to each other that we just met Emma Thompson.

Once we returned to the table, we excitedly told our mother, who, as always had struck up a conversation with her.... my mum literally used to talk to everyone!!

As Ms Thompson went back to her table, we asked mum if we could have a coffee so that might need to wee again. The idea was to go to the other toilet, so that we could both definitely say we'd weed on the same toilet as an Oscar winner. Good times!!!!

Emma Thompson's

Who are these weird girls who have just smacked me in the face and curtsied?

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