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Pudding Little

The worst bit about owning pets, is when you have to say goodbye to one.

Sadly last week we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Puddling Little, so todays blog is in tribute to him.

So here are some fabulous facts about this amazing cat;

  • He had the most amazing curly whiskers.

  • He once set himself on fire when Katie was relaxing in a candlelit bath. He thought it was a good idea to shimmy past the candles... he later shared the bath by means of extinguishing the candle.

  • He was originally going to be called Magwitch after the famous character in Great Expectations, but when we saw he'd been nicknamed Pudding as a kitten that seemed to suit him more.

  • He loved to poo!

  • His favourite food was Dreamies.

Pudding was just the most gentlest cats you could ever imagine and we are very grateful he came into our lives. So although it's sad to say goodbye, we are also happy we said hello xxx

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