Nobby Nudd

As with all Trinderella Tales, the next installment; Nobby Nudd is based on truth... but with a little bit of magic thrown in.

In 1927 Lobby Lud, a fictional character created in August 1927 by the Westminster Gazette, a British newspaper, appeared on the scene. He was a fictional character used in prize competitions, whereby anonymous employees would visit seaside resorts, writing down descriptions of the town they visited and a person they saw there that day. That person was later named 'Lobby Lud.' And it was the 'Lobby Lud' of that issue that readers had to try and guess both the location and the person described by the Gazette.

This always fascinated me as a child as I was often told tales of how my Uncle Cyril Hillsden complained of often being battered over the head with a gazette because people always assumed he was actually Lobby Lud.

That in mind I am reviving the character in a truly Nottinghamshire style and taking this time in isolation to research it.

I'm also taking the time to sort through all the old family photos in my cupboards in an effort to find one of my late uncle. Unfortunately I never met him as he died before I was born, but he sounds as delightfully bonkers as the rest of my family.

As my Gran would say...."All being well.... it will be ready for Christmas.'

Stay safe everyone!!!

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