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It's Always Christmas Somewhere- Day 3 of the Trinderella Tales Advent Story

Dad, had scurried away into a corner with a giant bag of jelly babies to devour them all by himself…He did this every year and said it was by his favourite part of Christmas.

Mum… (normally was a super-duper clean freak who had on occasion been known to hoover the hoover) had taken a night off… sat with a calm glow in her favourite armchair, occasionally managing to steal one of dads Jelly Babies without him noticing.

Aunty Dolly would be giddy. She LOVES Christmas. She LOVES stuff!!! She LOVES collecting things and does not like to throw things away EVER!!!

She has squirrelled away everything she has ever bought or been given as a present into her tiny cottage…. Every single birthday card, newspaper and piece of clothing, you name it; she’s still got it… and on Christmas day night as she would sit doing a mental inventory of all her presents and planning where she would store them.

….And then there was my sister Bell who is the most fantastically positive person of them all and sees the sunshine in everything…. EVEN on Christmas day night.

Imagine stubbing your toe for instance, and jumping around like a ginormous kangaroo in agony whilst your eyes fill with tears.

Bell is the sort of person who will smile in your face and tell you to ‘turn that frown upside down.’ It’s kind of annoying but also sort of lovely because she’s always making me laugh.

…a few years ago she realised how sad me and my Grandma would get on Christmas Day night, so she started thinking of ways to cheer us up… but this year, she’d surpassed herself.. you’re never going to believe what she surprised us with….

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