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It's Always Christmas Somewhere- Day 19 of a Trinderella Advent Tale

And that’s exactly what happened…. Sort of.

“Oh loveys” Mrs Peach said dragging in the ginormous penguin. “Sir David sends his apologies, he’s taken Alan out for a walk for me. He needed to walk off the Waggon Wheels he’s been scoffing from my shop.”

The penguin was even more ginormouser than we remembered.

“What did you want it for?” Mrs Peach asked when it was finally deposited in the garden next to our gorilla- (I’ll tell you about the gorilla another time).

Over a cup of hot char, I explained that we were off to the New York Christmas Parade in less than 3 months. We’d heard a rumour that there was a land that all the ginormous decorations lived for the whole year… and if that was true, it was ALWAYS CHRISTMAS SOMEWHERE, and then I wouldn’t be so sad on Christmas day night.

Still looking confused she asked “and you needed the ginormous penguin for????”

My big sister grabbed us all by the hand and said solemnly “for inspiration! New York is our only chance to follow the clues and we thought the penguin would focus our minds”

“Oh I see,” Mrs Peach exclaimed excitedly.

For an ancient person she was always good fun which is why we loved her…. and with that we all just marvelled around the ginormous penguin waiting for some answers to hit us.

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