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It's Always Christmas Somewhere- Day 16 of a Trinderella Advent Tale

Because the penguin was so ginormous, mum had made us take it to Mrs Peaches shop to store it.

Nicknamed ‘The Folly,’ (the word Folly meaning ‘lacking of good sense or foolishness) Mrs Peaches shop was well known in our town.

When Mrs Peach and her husband opened the shop over 90 years ago everyone thought they were crazy. Not only was it located at the end of History Avenue on the outskirts of town where no one ever thought to go shopping, but she also chose to be ‘unspecified’ in her genre of shop meaning she stocked everything from Tartan Paint memorabilia to Unicorn saddles.

As an old friend of the family, and the lady who adopted Alan, after the time my grandma accidentally bought a giraffe, she was more than happy to store the ginormous penguin, letting us drag him out in celebration of ‘National Penguin Awareness day’.

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