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One of the things I always remember fondly about my Grandma was her ability to find out information from the comfort of her sofa.

When my sister Katie started out her career in radio at our local station (Mansfield 103.2), she would often call my Grandma to see if she had any information on the latest news stories.... as if by magic she'd hit the phone (after 6pm- when it was FREE) and call all her contacts for any leads my sister might use to get the real story.

In reality my Dad used to refer to it as but so as not to confuse my readers (since I now have a beautiful border collie named after my Grandma- Marvellous Mabel), I renamed this chapter in memory of her.

It's so nice to take the time out to remember all those lovely things about my family growing up.

So here it is, chapter 12. Have a great day everyone!

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