Can A Giraffe Fit On My Sofa?

As a child, I was always plotting ways to get my parents to agree to let me have more and more pets.

To be fair, my dad would have agreed to most things, except maybe an angry swan!! My mother on the other hand, was much more logical, so you had to be prepared with reasoned, rational arguments, that made the new addition seem essential, nay, crucial to our daily life.

I never managed to convince her to get a giraffe, but that was always the dream. Well that and a lion. In fact, when I was 27 and staying at their house for a few days, my mother caught me googling giraffes for sale and then ranted about having 'child locks' for stupid adults (AKA me) on their internet. Aah those were the days!!!

Enjoy chapter 7 and have a great day.

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