Act Natural....

A few years ago, I did a photoshoot with a friend to test shoot some her amazing hats.

At first it was really uncomfortable, and I wanted to peel my face off due to an awful shame attack... but then I remembered a game me and my big sis used to play.... America's Next Top Model. For fans of the show, you'll know that the awesome Tyra used to set the models a task, and they'd later be marked on how they embodied that energy in the photo.

Me and my sis, used to find it hilariously funny to set each other tasks... here's some of us doing 'Excited,' 'Pensive' and Mystical.

As for the hat shoot.... here's me doing 'Surprised' and the ever classic, 'I'm so engrossed in staring into space, I can't hear being asked to do chores.'

Why not have a go? It really makes me laugh x

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